September 1, 2007
Entry Index
Larry Arnold-Mariposa CA  Winfried Storsberg-Bragg Creek AB  Paul Belcher-Burlington ON 
Entry ID: 569
Larry Arnold
Mariposa CA
  Entry ID: 570
Winfried Storsberg
Bragg Creek AB
  Entry ID: 498
Paul Belcher
Burlington ON
Frederick Rountree-Chambersburg PA  Steve Toth-UNIONVILLE ON  Dave Dedrick-Stoney Creek ON 
Entry ID: 516
Frederick Rountree
Chambersburg PA
  Entry ID: 530
Steve Toth
  Entry ID: 533
Dave Dedrick
Stoney Creek ON
Paul Smith-Port Rowan ON  Larry Doucette-Dartmouth NS  Mervyn Krivoshein-Rocky Mtn. House AB 
Entry ID: 546
Paul Smith
Port Rowan ON
  Entry ID: 576
Larry Doucette
Dartmouth NS
  Entry ID: 578
Mervyn Krivoshein
Rocky Mtn. House AB
Matthew Hricz-Dallas GA  Alan DuBoff-San Jose CA  Jim Rix-Beamsville ON 
Entry ID: 579
Matthew Hricz
Dallas GA
  Entry ID: 585
Alan DuBoff
San Jose CA
  Entry ID: 587
Jim Rix
Beamsville ON
Kathleen Kruse-Covina CA  Dave Mount-Two Harbors MN  Jeff Heisz-Toronto ON 
Entry ID: 589
Kathleen Kruse
Covina CA
  Entry ID: 601
Dave Mount
Two Harbors MN
  Entry ID: 603
Jeff Heisz
Toronto ON

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