December 15, 2006
Entry Index
Bill Deak-Walton Hills OH  Herbert Fielder-Pompano beach FL  Richard Lapiezo-La Mesa CA 
Entry ID: 442
Bill Deak
Walton Hills OH
  Entry ID: 428
Herbert Fielder
Pompano beach FL
  Entry ID: 473
Richard Lapiezo
La Mesa CA
Glen Alexander-Bartlett TN  Charles Richards-Roy UT  Don Atkins-Bertram TX 
Entry ID: 451
Glen Alexander
Bartlett TN
  Entry ID: 454
Charles Richards
Roy UT
  Entry ID: 445
Don Atkins
Bertram TX
Eric Hollinshead-Harrisonville PA  Aurèle Delaurier-Winnipeg MB  Roland Kuehn-Hilton Head Island SC 
Entry ID: 482
Eric Hollinshead
Harrisonville PA
  Entry ID: 443
Aurèle Delaurier
Winnipeg MB
  Entry ID: 474
Roland Kuehn
Hilton Head Island SC
Mark Schemmer-Charlotte NC  Charlie Hobbs-Canton GA  Kent Townsend-Kansas City MO 
Entry ID: 481
Mark Schemmer
Charlotte NC
  Entry ID: 430
Charlie Hobbs
Canton GA
  Entry ID: 456
Kent Townsend
Kansas City MO
Duane T. Joyce-Red House VA  Gale Bigham-New Paris OH  BILL HAMILTON-ROCKY COMFORT MO 
Entry ID: 439
Duane T. Joyce
Red House VA
  Entry ID: 429
Gale Bigham
New Paris OH
  Entry ID: 466

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