December 15, 2006
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Robert Martin-Picture Butte AB  Ed Christiansen-Auburndale MA  John H. Williams-New Hope PA 
Entry ID: 469
Robert Martin
Picture Butte AB
  Entry ID: 467
Ed Christiansen
Auburndale MA
  Entry ID: 427
John H. Williams
New Hope PA
Robert Staat-Goshen KY  Matthew Herz-Oneida Castle NY  Robert Way-Canton MI 
Entry ID: 464
Robert Staat
Goshen KY
  Entry ID: 483
Matthew Herz
Oneida Castle NY
  Entry ID: 448
Robert Way
Canton MI
Petteri Leppikallio-Layliainen    Harvey Meyer-Dunwoody GA  Jim Hinston-Williamsport PA 
Entry ID: 463
Petteri Leppikallio
  Entry ID: 437
Harvey Meyer
Dunwoody GA
  Entry ID: 471
Jim Hinston
Williamsport PA
Ray Thompson-Middletown IN  Mark Nadeau-Portsmouth RI  Bob Mastrodonato-Fullerton CA 
Entry ID: 472
Ray Thompson
Middletown IN
  Entry ID: 478
Mark Nadeau
Portsmouth RI
  Entry ID: 459
Bob Mastrodonato
Fullerton CA
Brian Campbell-Markham ON 
Entry ID: 468
Brian Campbell
Markham ON
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