Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
Entry Index
Pete Kekel-Erlanger KY  Charles Benson-Spokane WA  Bill Stehman-Sierra Vista AZ 
Entry ID: 335
Pete Kekel
Erlanger KY
  Entry ID: 325
Charles Benson
Spokane WA
  Entry ID: 337
Bill Stehman
Sierra Vista AZ
Colin Spencer-03790 Orba **  Ronny Eelen-Geel **  Gary Parson-Knoxville TN 
Entry ID: 336
Colin Spencer
03790 Orba **
  Entry ID: 327
Ronny Eelen
Geel **
  Entry ID: 228
Gary Parson
Knoxville TN
Brian Simmons-Heflin AL  Andre Dufort-Sainte Catherine QC  William Kram-Sun City AZ 
Entry ID: 236
Brian Simmons
Heflin AL
  Entry ID: 262
Andre Dufort
Sainte Catherine QC
  Entry ID: 328
William Kram
Sun City AZ
Felipe Monge-Lakeland FL  Bob Rummer-Auburn AL 
Entry ID: 179
Felipe Monge
Lakeland FL
  Entry ID: 326
Bob Rummer
Auburn AL

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