Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
Entry Index
Bob Rummer-Auburn AL  Tom Kiewitt-Sevierville TN  Gene Bedient-Lincoln NE 
Entry ID: 172
Bob Rummer
Auburn AL
  Entry ID: 252
Tom Kiewitt
Sevierville TN
  Entry ID: 275
Gene Bedient
Lincoln NE
Al Kalian-Roseville CA  Dino Pilotto-Blairmore AB  Jim Tobias-Lewisville NC 
Entry ID: 222
Al Kalian
Roseville CA
  Entry ID: 225
Dino Pilotto
Blairmore AB
  Entry ID: 204
Jim Tobias
Lewisville NC
Haruyo Morgan-Costa Mesa CA  Peter Discoe-Redmond WA  Jacob Snowbarger-davenport IA 
Entry ID: 280
Haruyo Morgan
Costa Mesa CA
  Entry ID: 307
Peter Discoe
Redmond WA
  Entry ID: 208
Jacob Snowbarger
davenport IA
Steven Ruskin-Thornhill ON  Bryan Swingle-Ithaca NY  Matt Moore-Kitchener ON 
Entry ID: 272
Steven Ruskin
Thornhill ON
  Entry ID: 254
Bryan Swingle
Ithaca NY
  Entry ID: 285
Matt Moore
Kitchener ON
Bruce Bailey-Everett WA  Marsh Pronneke-Ponca City OK  Dean Kovacs-Brantford ON 
Entry ID: 309
Bruce Bailey
Everett WA
  Entry ID: 215
Marsh Pronneke
Ponca City OK
  Entry ID: 155
Dean Kovacs
Brantford ON

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