Turned Ornaments
March 9, 2012
Entry Index
Greg Whitaker-AuGres MI  Bart Vinsh-Horse Shoe NC  Matthew Overton-Newtown PA 
Entry ID: 942
Greg Whitaker
AuGres MI
  Entry ID: 941
Bart Vinsh
Horse Shoe NC
  Entry ID: 962
Matthew Overton
Newtown PA
Nancy Franks-Essex Fells NJ  Edward Weber-Sacramento CA  LYNDA ZIBBIDEO-MERIDEN CT 
Entry ID: 951
Nancy Franks
Essex Fells NJ
  Entry ID: 944
Edward Weber
Sacramento CA
  Entry ID: 932
Thomas Hartline-Attalla AL  Ralph Walters-Perkiomenville PA  Jonathan Combs-Covington WA 
Entry ID: 960
Thomas Hartline
Attalla AL
  Entry ID: 933
Ralph Walters
Perkiomenville PA
  Entry ID: 961
Jonathan Combs
Covington WA
Lawrence Riley-Ottawa ON  Mitch Wolgamott-Summerville OR  Marie Drouin-Methuen MA 
Entry ID: 955
Lawrence Riley
Ottawa ON
  Entry ID: 954
Mitch Wolgamott
Summerville OR
  Entry ID: 930
Marie Drouin
Methuen MA
Dave Smith-Wilmington NC  Timothy Janeway-Sewickley PA  Ray Patterson-Middletown VA 
Entry ID: 958
Dave Smith
Wilmington NC
  Entry ID: 938
Timothy Janeway
Sewickley PA
  Entry ID: 947
Ray Patterson
Middletown VA

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