Turned Ornaments
March 9, 2012
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Jim Beckwith-Somerville, NJ  Richard Coter-20090 Milano    Jack Boggio-Fallbrook CA 
Entry ID: 931
Jim Beckwith
Somerville, NJ
  Entry ID: 952
Richard Coter
20090 Milano
  Entry ID: 939
Jack Boggio
Fallbrook CA
John Shrader-Kirkland WA  Bruce Trojan-Victor NY  Larry Wolfe-Buckeye AZ 
Entry ID: 948
John Shrader
Kirkland WA
  Entry ID: 964
Bruce Trojan
Victor NY
  Entry ID: 956
Larry Wolfe
Buckeye AZ
Hal Metlitzky-Claremont CA  chris goethe-Housatonic MA  Bill Donahue-Pensacola FL 
Entry ID: 935
Hal Metlitzky
Claremont CA
  Entry ID: 946
chris goethe
Housatonic MA
  Entry ID: 963
Bill Donahue
Pensacola FL
Frank White-West Brookfield MA  Walter Wager-Monticello FL  Dick Hines-Lanexa VA 
Entry ID: 957
Frank White
West Brookfield MA
  Entry ID: 937
Walter Wager
Monticello FL
  Entry ID: 943
Dick Hines
Lanexa VA
David Day-Buffalo NY 
Entry ID: 940
David Day
Buffalo NY
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