Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
Entry Index
Sandy Maguire-Horseheads NY  Paul Stafford-Littleton CO  Sandy Huse-Los Angeles CA 
Entry ID: 923
Sandy Maguire
Horseheads NY
  Entry ID: 922
Paul Stafford
Littleton CO
  Entry ID: 880
Sandy Huse
Los Angeles CA
H. James Schroeer-Orange Park FL  Dan Tracy-Cortland NY  Normand Lavoie-Woodstock GA 
Entry ID: 897
H. James Schroeer
Orange Park FL
  Entry ID: 921
Dan Tracy
Cortland NY
  Entry ID: 891
Normand Lavoie
Woodstock GA
Phil Lapp-Sherwood OR  Frances Schultzberg-Somers NY  Stanley Shechter-Aspen CO 
Entry ID: 896
Phil Lapp
Sherwood OR
  Entry ID: 898
Frances Schultzberg
Somers NY
  Entry ID: 920
Stanley Shechter
Aspen CO

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