Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
Entry Index
Bill Clark-Bakersfield CA  John Soderquist-Tooele UT  Donna Banfield-Derry NH 
Entry ID: 895
Bill Clark
Bakersfield CA
  Entry ID: 913
John Soderquist
Tooele UT
  Entry ID: 914
Donna Banfield
Derry NH
Terry Scott-Auckland **  Charles Benson-Spokane WA  John Lucas-Baxter TN 
Entry ID: 879
Terry Scott
Auckland **
  Entry ID: 889
Charles Benson
Spokane WA
  Entry ID: 916
John Lucas
Baxter TN
Molly Pursell-Sunrise FL  Jason Nemec-Burnt Hills NY  Don Leydens-Oxford NC 
Entry ID: 918
Molly Pursell
Sunrise FL
  Entry ID: 882
Jason Nemec
Burnt Hills NY
  Entry ID: 878
Don Leydens
Oxford NC
Jeannie Ureno-Catonsville MD  Frank White-West Brookfield MA  Joe van Keulen-Strathmore AB 
Entry ID: 909
Jeannie Ureno
Catonsville MD
  Entry ID: 907
Frank White
West Brookfield MA
  Entry ID: 873
Joe van Keulen
Strathmore AB
Larry Jensen-Beverly Shores IN 
Entry ID: 886
Larry Jensen
Beverly Shores IN
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