America's Top Shops Contest
May 1, 2008
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# 813
Eric Rice
Rock Cave, WV

This mobile work center has 2 drawers on each side and 2 doors per side as well, the bottom storage is accessible from both directions. I built it with pocket hole jointery in mind, the top has a 3 inch ledge around the entire outside allowing clamp positioning. I installed formica to the top to allow easy glue clean-up. 1 door on both sides are equiped with shop built glue holders for easy access. The drawers are full extension and are stocked with screws,clamps, and other needed items. The rack on the end was added as an after thought to keep a few clamps handy.

I built the cabinets to accomodate the sliding saw, they're 8 feet of 3ft deep cabinets with the saw set into the counter top to provide support for long stock, I installed T-track to the right of the saw for stop block positioning. The cabinets finish up with traditional 2ft depth. The tops were also shop built for easy clean-up, a 2 inch dust pipe was added to the back wall with mutiple blast gates for the various sanders and tools on the bench. As you can imagine this many cabinets allow for storage galore.
This picture shows the wall mounted a/c unit as well as the drill press cabinet mounted on the wall to store bits and such.
The arrangement of tools allow a sizable open spot in the middle of the shop that is used for assembly of bigger projects and storage when needed. The tile floor is great for easy clean-up but does tend to get slick if dust is allowed to build up. Dust collection for the planer and shaper is provided by a blower installed beneath the floor and is blowed directly into a small trailer outside. Overall size of the shop is 24'X32', a finish room is planned for next spring.

The outfeed table for the table saw isn't real high-tech but the cost was perfect(about 10 bucks). The router station pictured behind the table saw utilizes a piece of solid surface counter top for the work surface, scrap is generally available at custom counter top shops at a cheap price. It allows for a super slick surface and wears well, it machines easy with normal woodwoorking bits.

Judges Comments
CB : A roomy shop with tons of storage. Looks like it could use some more lighting, but overall, very well planned out. I'd have a hard time working here because I find the floor very distracting, but to each his own. It would be nice to see more specifics like jigs and fixtures.
JH-W : This guy doesn't take his shop space for granted; even with a decent-sized space, he took the effort to start off with a nice collection of base and wall cabinets. I really like the way he integrated the wider base cabinet for the SCMS. This is the first home-shop I've seen with below-floor dust collection. I would, however, like to see more of what else he's got going on (jigs, fixures, how does he handle sheet goods, assembly stations, etc.).
PA : Lots and lots of storage capacity here and the deep SCM saw cabinets with the recessed top is a great idea. The idea of using solid surface material for a router table top is also interesting. It’s great to have “through-the-floor” dust collection, eliminating overhead ductwork, but you had better be certain about machine placement before cutting holes in the floor. I don’t understand why someone would thwart workflow efficiency by placing the jointer so far from the tablesaw, as was done here. Lots of woodworkers would envy the large space, with room to spare. But I have to be honest: In my mind, this lacks any “shop” character. With its full array of kitchen-style cabinets and checkerboard tile floor, it looks more like a recreation room or a lodge kitchen. I would be loathe to make a mess in this room. However, to each his own zone. I’m sure many folks would love this particular ambiance, and there’s certainly no reason why you can’t work wood in here.

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