America's Top Shops Contest
May 1, 2008
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# 712
Edwin Laetz
Westminster, MA
I used Tyvek housewrap stapled to the ceiling to reflect light and to prevent debris from falling into the shop.  The door to the left in the pciture is a clean area for finishing and light assembly.  Both areas are approximately 750 square feet.  Over the years my woodworking experience has led me into building guitars and other stringed instruments.  The shop is primarily set up for that in mind.

This cabinet houses tape and glue. I used 4 inch and 3 inch PVC pipes to cradle the rolls of tape.  A good idea for this cabinet would be to make it in the shape of an outhouse.  This would make an interesting conversation piece while keeping everything clean.

A handy, over the bench, clamp rack that I find extremely useful.  Approximately 30 inches wide.

A storage solution for my bench planes tha were always laying on the bench.  24 inches Wide, 13 inches high and 41/2 inches deep.

Lathe bench and storage unit that simply mounts to the wall.  48 inches wide, 24 inches high and 15 inches deep.  The sharp ends of the chisels are pointed down and the shapes can be seen from the top.  The motor is suspended on hinged plywood.

Judges Comments
CB : Would have been nice to have some harder working photos. I have a feeling that there's more here than meets the eye because I like most of what I do see.
JH : Again, I would like to see more of this space. Some intriquing projects throughout.
JH-W : There seems to be some nice jigs and fixtures, but from a "Top Shop" standpoint, the space seems a little empty. The panorama photo is interesting, but I can't determine the wood workflow.
PA : This looks like a very comfortable shop to work in—well lit and well organized. The owner has made good use of space here with the ceiling-mounted clamp and lumber racks. Covering the ceiling with Tyvek is an unusual way to lighten up the shop, but it appears to work well. The panoramic photo makes it hard to determine the scale of things, but it appears that the tablesaw, jointer, and planer are placed at some distance from each other, which reduces workflow efficiency. He has some nice benches for the radial arm saw and lathe, but very few cabinets that I can see. Also conspicuously absent is some kind of staging for work in process. In a shop this size, I would want a mobile cart or two for moving parts around. Very nice looking digs, but I don’t see much innovative here in the way of shop fixtures.

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