September 1, 2007
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Stuart Tierney
Takamatsu, **
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   3.75
  Height:   5.9
  Depth:   .59
Materials:   Brass, stainless steel, chrome-vanadium tool steel, bloodwood

This is an adjustable woodworking square with it's matching adjustment tool.

The square has a concealed brass (nuts and pushrods) and stainless steel (allen socket set screw) adjusting mechanism inside the bloodwood stock, allowing the square to be adjusted to 'square' after being dropped or otherwise injured. The body is 90mm x 15mm and the wood is finished with perilla oil and buffed to a satin finish. The brass blade is 2mm thick, 25mm wide and is 105mm between the end and the wood stock. The brass side plates are also 2mm thick, and fastened with brass screws. The blade and body have been milled then lapped straight and parallel. The pivot pin that holds the blade to the stock is also brass, and between the blade and the stock there is stainless steel shim to allow the blade to remain centered in the oversize slot.

The adjusting tool has a small section of allen key broached into a brass rod, which is then glued into the wood body.


The square has been designed to allow the stock to move with seasonal changes without adversely affecting the operation or accuracy of the square. The square has also been designed to withstand significant abuse without permanent harm, apart from cosmetic scarring. The adjustment mechanism allows no movement of the blade during normal use, but if the square is dropped, it will allow a certain amount of give, minimizing the chance of the square being permanently damaged. I applied 20kg of pressure on the tip of the blade with no trouble, aside from some 'settling in' of the adjustments.

The blade and stock of the square are lapped as flat as I can measure (The stock sticks to the surface plate occasionally if it is damp) and to within 0.05mm of parallelism.  

The adjusting tool is just a nice touch, and prevents the adjusting screws from being over torqued, avoiding the chance that the screws might strip or push the blade out of the stock.

It's pretty, simple, tough and it was enjoyable (if sometimes frustrating) to make.

Judges Comments
CS : This square was clearly made by someone who really knows their stuff and really can focus on the details. All the screw heads line up! Knives slide smoothly on the brass tongue. My only regret: I wish the tongue were longer.
Clarence : Great detail and workmanship.

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