September 1, 2007
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# 611
Kim Kreckmann
Perryville, MD
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   8
  Height:   5 1/4
  Depth:   5 1/2
Materials:   Black Cherry, Black Walnut, salvaged screwdriver, eyebolt,wing nut
My entry is a “Granny’s tooth” router plane (dimensions, L: 8", W:5 1/2", H: 5 1/2").  The base is made of Black Cherry from a fallen tree in my yard.  The handles (Granny, what big eyes you have) were turned from a Black Walnut branch, also from my yard.  The iron was fabricated from the shaft of an old broken screwdriver.

After forming the iron into shape, it was heat treated and oil quenched.  The iron is held in place with a eyebolt that retracts into a mortise in the base and tightened with a wing nut.  Granny’s wig comes off when it’s time to get down to business.

Starting with a split a section of black cherry log, I planed the exposed inner wood flat.  This became the bottom of the router.  Next I bored a hole that would serve as the bed for the iron.  Next the holes for the mouth and the front arch were cut using Forstner bits.  The mouth hole was positioned to bisect the first hole drilled, thus forming a groove (the iron bed) along the inner surface of the mouth hole.

The facial features were carved using saws, chisels, rasps, and files.  Shallow holes were bored with Forsner bits to seat the handles which were attached with screws countersunk through the bottom.  A hole was drilled through the side of the base (the top of the head side) to the iron bed for the eyebolt.  The inner end of this hole was mortised to receive the eye of the eyebolt when tightened.  The router plane was finished with clear shellac.  It is left up to the beholder to decide if the wing nut represents Granny’s bow or a bothersome fly.

Judges Comments
CS : This tool made me smile immediately. It’s a fun idea. However, the cleat that the “hair” attaches to is below the surface of the sole, which is going to spoil your accuracy when you use it (if you use it – it would look good on the wall as a piece of art as well).
Clarence : Well done but more a display than a user.

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