September 1, 2007
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# 590
Michael Mocho
Albuquerque, NM
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   9"
  Height:   3 1/2"
  Depth:   2 3/8"
Materials:   bubinga, brass, tool steel

Double-Curve Hollowing planes

These planes are designed for shaping the curved surfaces of large musical instruments such as cellos and basses. They feature an adjustable mouth for fine cutting in figured wood, and 3/8” thick brass wear plates inlaid into the sole, providing great durability and a low center of mass. The front brass plate adjusts by means of the bolt.    

The removable front knob makes it possible to pull or push the plane though a cut, and details include turned spiral inlays, carved indents for a comfortable grip, a chip breaker, and a carved wedge. The finish is oil & shellac. They are made to fit the specific interior curve of an upright (acoustic) bass.

Judges Comments
CS : This details on this tool are incredible. All the carved details (were they done on an ornamental lathe?) are crisp and perfect. Even the end of the cross-pin is detailed to the extreme. Functionally, this tool is a joy. The adjustable mouthplate is curved sympathetically with the iron. And the tool is simple and straightforward to wield, even the first time you pick it up.
Clarence : One of the best tools in the show. These backing out planes were not widely manufactured and most were quite crude. This one takes this common workhorse to a new level. Excellent detail plus it works like a champ.

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