September 1, 2007
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# 550
Bill Houghton
Sebastopol, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   1.125
  Height:   1.125
  Depth:   4.25
Materials:   used carbide nozzle/tube, salvaged wooden handle from kitchen meat grinder, epoxy glue

A scraper burnisher made from recycled materials: 1) thickwall carbide tube, used as a nozzle in industrial machinery and salvaged by an Internet friend (postage cost to mail to me probably under $1.00), and 2) the wooden handle from an old kitchen meat grinder, one of five or six on the "free" pile at a garage sale.  The only new material in it is the epoxy glue used to glue the tube into the handle.

(resting, incidentally, on the recycled solid-core-door benchtop in the shop)
Hard to know what other view of this would be useful...
In my hand, to give an idea of scale.

Judges Comments
CS : It’s a nice smooth burnishing face. The handle needs work. It’s a little rough.
Clarence : Quick and easy to make but I would prefer a burnisher with a long blade. Hard to get an even downward pressure with one hand.

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