September 1, 2007
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# 536
Endre Pataky
Calgary, AB
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   11.5
  Height:   2.5
  Depth:   7"
Materials:   Rosewood, Cocobolo, brass, birch

This marking gauge was conceived to create a larger registration surface, an excellent cutting edge, a comfortable grip and a triangulated beam lock that does not allow the beam to rock in the main body. This combination of features addresses the weaknesses of most marking gauges.

The main body is Rosewood which adds a beautiful tactile feel to the tool. The beam is cocobolo.

The tool does not have an applied finish but is polished with rubbing compound to a fine lustre.

Judges Comments
Brian : rich patiena, elegant form, good use of material
CS : This tool has extremely nice lines – almost organic or fluid. The thumb grip on the head is a nice detail. Functionally, the tool is balanced and cuts sweetly.
Clarence : Nearly perfect workmanship. Could have made the screw a bit longer. Great lines.

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