September 1, 2007
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# 534
Jim Belair
Sarnia, ON
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   0.5
  Height:   2
  Depth:   5
Materials:   maple

This tool makes it easier to prepare cabinet scrapers.  It takes two commercially available products to do the job of this one home built tool.  A guide is provided to ensure square jointing with a mill file. After jointing and stoning the edge square, this same tool facilitates burnishing the desired angle on the scraper.

Jointing the scraper square.  The tool supports the mill file and provides a fence.

Burnishing the hook at the desired (in this case) 2 ½ deg angle.  Select the burnishing angle from 0 to 15 deg depending on the task – light clean up through heavy stock or paint removal.

This tool is used in conjunction with a mill file and a round carbide burnisher.  

Judges Comments
CS : Excellent and ingenious shop jig. Two blocks of wood that beat the pants off of lots of expensive commercial jigs. Good job!
Clarence : Similar ones have been made for years. A quick, easy way to get the job done.

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