September 1, 2007
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# 531
Robert B. Stevenson
Williams lake, BC
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   3 1/4
  Height:   6 3/4
  Depth:   1 3/4
Materials:   Choke Cherry - locally harvested, cured and milled by myself
1/8" Plexiglass
1/8" Brass Rod
1/4 x 20 Knurled Knob & Brass insert
6 x 32 Knurled Knob & Brass Insert
2 - 6 Inch Metal Rulers
WATCO Cherry Danish Oil

     This shows one side of the tool, the Height Guage; I have built in response to your contest to replace the Height Guage and Depth Guage I have been using for years in my own shop.  The Height Guage gives a precise setting from zero inches to 4 & 11/16 inches.  The ruler indicator reads from bottom to top, using the index line on the plexiglass sliding panel, movable when the knurled nut is loosened.

     This shows the opposite side of the tool, the Depth Guage.  Now when I have one, I am not hunting for the other one!!  The Depth Guage has a pointer to measure precise depths from zero inches to 4 & 3/4 inches.  The Depth Guage pointer reads from the top down, when the knurled nut is utilized.
     This shows the height guage in action, using a Veritas set-up block to set a two inch height.  

     This image shows the Depth Guage measuring the two inch Veritas Set-up block. (Note the brass rod extended between the two rows of holes on the right side of the set-up block.)


     The tool was built a piece at a time, to achieve what I could see in my mind, as a finished, workable project.  In the end, I have achieved what I set out to do; replace two tools with one.  The previous two worked just fine for many years, as I expect this one to do.
     The plexiglass cover over the depth guage pointer was installed to protect the pointer from damage and turning when it was raised or lowered.  The plexi was welded with acetone.  

     Three coats of the Cherry Danish Oil finished the project in anticipation of many years of service.

Judges Comments
CS : It’s a good idea to combine two tools in one here. Next time you also might want to look at making the plexi slide a little easier on the height gauge side.
Clarence : A combo tool that needs a bit more design work.

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