September 1, 2007
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john LeClaire
Saskatoon, SK
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   1/2 -apro.
  Height:   3 to 6
  Depth:   1/2-aprox.
Materials:   I made these carving knives from discarded machine taps in various sizes.
The material is extremely hard and if ground properly they hold an edge for a long time. You can design the handles to your own taste and can be done to custom fit your hand. I made the handles fron all kinds of material-steel-plastic-wood

this picture shows three taps that were broken and useless-therefore given to me by a local machine shop-the first one on the left has been ground partially ,in preparation for making a handle and inserting the knife into the handle,to be held in place with epoxy or welded into steel handles or put into plastic handles

this pic shows the three taps from the previous pic. and some allmost finished knives-you will note that the second and third ones from the right are gouges of different sizes-also the
handles are all different

This shot shows some knives with steel handles made from round bar and welded to the taps

This shot shows wooden handles ,mostly round ,made from discarded drum sticks that my son broke while playing drums in his rock band. I also have more with conventional handles shaped like factory carving knives--as you can see these knives are cheap to build because most cities and towns have a machine shop that will give you free broken taps, and all you need is a grinder,either angle style or a bench grinder, and basic wood skills to make handles out of left over scraps of hardwood

Judges Comments
CS : Cool little knives made from recycled materials. Down-and-dirty, get-it-done tools.
Clarence : Quick way to make needed edge tools and recycle old taps.

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