September 1, 2007
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# 495
Jacques St-Roch
Montréal, QC
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   1 3/4
  Height:   5 3/8
  Depth:   8 1/2
Materials:   Yellow birch,
Richard's 1 3/4 inch paint scraper blade,
nuts  and bolt.
It's a duck head paint scraper made in a block (9X6X2) of yellow birch.
It is cut with a band saw, shape with Microplane® Shaping Rasps and many type of files, sand with a Garnet paper (80, 120 and 220).
Finish with Varathan clear varnish.
View from the other side.
View of the blade.
The dock's head is a comfortable ergonomic handle when the scraper is used with both hand.

Judges Comments
Brian : Simple and elegant design -possibly darker wood or finish would highlight even more
CS : This tool is a work of subtlety. It fits the hands perfectly. It scrapes like a finely tuned card scraper. The form is perfect from every angle. I was drawn to this tool immediately. It didn't disappoint.
Clarence : A design that either hits the bull eyes or misses the mark. This little gem was a dead center hit and it works like a champ not as a paint scraper but a full fledged cabinet scraper.

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