September 1, 2007
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Paul Oster
Welland, ON
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   3.75
  Height:   24.25
  Depth:   0.75
Materials:   Scrap Wood (e.g. pine): 27.25" long by 3.75" wide X 0.75 " thick
Carpenter's glue
5 -1.5" long screws
This tool is simple to make from scrap lumber around the shop.  It is made up of:
1. Extension which is 24.25" long with an oval hand grip at the top end sized 1.25" by 3.25" and a narrow portion which is 15" in length and 1.75" in width between the top and bottom
2. Bottom which is 1.5" x3.75" and is attached at right angles to the bottom of the extension with carpenter's glue and 3 - 1.5" screws using spring clamps to secure the pieces until the glue has dried.
3. Cuff which is attached with carpenter's glue and 2 - 1.5" screws using spring clamps to secure the pieces until the glue has dried.
4. All surfaces are sanded and rounded over on edges with special emphasis on the Oval Hand Grip
5. No special finish was applied to the tool but this is an option for the individual woodworker.
In the side view of the Hand Extension Tool you can clearly see the Extension, Bottom and Cuff
In the front view,  you can clearly see the Oval Hand Grip, the tapering of the top and bottom  of the Extension and the cuff with the screw attachments.


In this image you can see how the Hand Extension Tool is used to help the woodworker carry large pieces of material such as plywood, MDF, paneling, etc.  If the woodworker is right handed, the tool is used in the right hand to help lift and guide the back end of the material while guiding the front end of the material with the left hand along the front of the material being transported.  To avoid scrapped knuckles in the oval hand grip, it is advised to use a pair of gloves.

Judges Comments
Brian : hand hold ergonomics can be improved
CS : It is as advertised. Not the prettiest tool of the bunch, but it does do the job.
Clarence : Old functional design. Shows what can be done with drywall screws.

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