December 15, 2006
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Matthew Herz
Oneida Castle, NY
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   3
  Height:   8
  Depth:   3
Materials:   Ice Cream Sundae Peppermill
Box Elder(middle), Paduak(bottom), Walnut(top), Red Heart (cherry) Ebony (stem), Willow burl(base,bowl), crushed black walnut shells, glue gun, colored hot glue (brown=fudge) (white=whipped cream)
Super Glue, and a heat gun, tripoli, and canuba wax
Peppermill Shaft mechanism #146928 from Woodcraft
The idea for the peppermill came on a hot day when I went to get an ice cream cone after work.  As I was driving home, I thought to myself about how I could turn a cone with ice cream and make it look somewhat real.  I like to try things that can challenge the way wood is turned and designed.  I wanted to see how realistic I could make something in the area of food since I love to cook.  Finding wood of different colors was not difficult.  The real difficulty was finding something that could be used for the topping.  So I researched on the internet and finally came up with the idea of using a hot glue gun and found hot glue stick in a variety of colors.  The colors were red, brown, white, and caramel.  The toppings could have been strawberry, caramel, and chocolate.  I chose brown for hot fudge.  It looked more real then the others.
Construction was tricky as I had to do each piece separately because I was not confident with my gluing ability.  I broke many pieces or they cracked due to turning them so thin.  I began by first turning the bowl (base) out of Willow burl.  Next I used a fostner bit to drill out the correct hole for the mechanism to fit.  I then found the different woods I wanted to use (Paduak, Walnut, Box Elder) and drilled the correct size holes first and then turned them on the lathe.  It was actually easier to hold the pieces on the chuck.  
Once all of the pieces were shaped and drilled, I set them in place and glued them down with super CA glue.  The walnut top remained seperate so the mill would turn.  Once the mechanism fit, I added the walnut headpiece and tested the peppermill.  It worked and I spilled pepper all over the table and floor.   Little slits were cut into the glue where the box elder and walnut connected so the mechanism could turn. Cool, it really worked.
Once the mill was together, I got out the hot glue and let the brown glue sticks drip onto the mill.  After I had enough brown glue on the wood, I used a heat gun to even it out and remove lumps in the glue.  Pieces of black walnuts were added to the hot glue giving it the effect that there were nuts on the sundae.  Finally, white glue was added for whipped cream and the hand turned redheart cherry was put on top because every sundae needs whipped cream and a cherry.  The process took a good 24 hours from the item design to the finished product.

My ultimate goal is to find a way to get the ice cream to look like it was put on with a scoop.  This may include carving.  Then I can make a banana split sundae.  As an elementary school principal, I bring some of my pieces to school and show the children.  

Judges Comments
bob : Very fattening and very creative!
Mary : Great design! Almost looks good enough to eat!
nick : Nice idea. Very clever. Looks like it might not be easy to hold and use.

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