December 15, 2006
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Ray Thompson
Middletown, IN
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   6
  Height:   2 1/2
  Depth:   2 1/2
Materials:   Woodcraft kit, hard maple, india ink, clear acrylic

My wife has been asking for quite some time for me to make something for her co-worker who collects everything Penguin.   I have had the shape in mind for a while now and decided the pepper mill contest would be the place to try it out.  It is based on the 6" kit mostly because that was all Woodcraft had in stock.

I started by gluing two pieces of hard maple together and turned a cylinder.  I then cut the top and bottom pieces from that cylinder and drilled and counterbored the bottom and drilled the top and cut the tenon that fits into the bottom piece.  I wrapped the tenon with paper towel until I had a light press into the bottom piece.  The next step was cutting tapered plugs that fit into the counterbore in the bottom and the 1/4" hole in the top, allowing me to cut the shape between centers as if it were one piece.  I left it as one piece until the burning was done and the beak (also maple)installed.   I also burned in some toes which stuck in my mind from a photo I saw once upon a time.  I did put some eyes on the head but its almost impossible to see them, but then it is almost impossible to see them on the real thing.  Removing the plugs and paper shims then allowed me to apply India ink over the textured area and finish the piece with clear acrylic.

The camera did not want to focus correctly on the detail shot and the toe pic, so those pics are not quite clear.

Judges Comments
bob : Very unique! Creative design
Mary : Creative design - reminds me of the movie 'Happy Feet.' Very nice.
nick : Clever idea. Great details.

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