December 15, 2006
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# 459
Bob Mastrodonato
Fullerton, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2 (body)
  Height:   14
  Depth:   3 (base)
Woodcraft 14" Pepper Grinder Kit  #126640

The body and head are a solid piece of Cocobolo with an Ebony inlay on top and an Ebony base. The idea of the base is two fold. The first is to catch those pesky pepper grinds that somehow always ends up on your table and the second is for stability (since the grinder body is tall and slender). The finish is EEE then Shellawax cream and has a really nice feel on the Cocobolo.

This is how the grounded pepper makes it exit. I created a hole at the foot of the Cocobolo with my Dremel. I tried to follow the grain of the wood so that it would look like it was a natural split. The split starts at top of the skirt and spreads down to the bottom.

Here is a close up of the Ebony base and some of the ground pepper that did not make a mess on the table. The sides of the Ebony base were created with a chatter tool, and the exit lip on the base was carved, then sanded and polished with a Dremel to make it as smooth as possible. The base is screwed to the body and can be removed to access the grinder mechanism. I also put some felt on the bottom of the base so it would not scratch the table.

The Ebony inlay is about 1/4 of an inch thick and it was my 1st attempt and some very minor ornamental lathe work. I set up a X/Y rotational type vise in front of my lathe bed near the headstock. I inserted a round headed burr in my Dremel then clamped the Dremel flex shaft into my vice. Once that was all lined up I used the indexing on my lathe and the cross slide on the vise to rout out the longer "petals". I starting at "1" skipping every 3rd and ending at 21 on the indexing plate, then backed out the Dremel a hair to rout out the smaller petals, starting at 2 skipping every 3rd again to end up at 22 on a 24 plate.

If you could zoom in the picture you would see the ground pepper coming out. You can either grind your pepper with the opening facing up then turn the body or you can grind with the opening facing down. It works great either way.

Judges Comments
bob : Hmmmmm,interesting. I was tempted to say that this one is a bit tall in terms of proportion, but I do like the little pepper opening at the bottom. Nice use of materials.
Mary : Great idea to catch the ground pepper. It is always all over the table - clever!
nick : A little tall and skinny but a great idea. Nice details.

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