December 15, 2006
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# 437
Harvey Meyer
Dunwoody, GA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2.875
  Height:   10
  Depth:   2.875
Materials:   12" piece of 3X3 Maple
10" Deluxe mechanism from Packards
Salad Bowl finish
I started with a 12" piece of 3X3 maple and a 10" deluxe mechansim from Packards. I drew a rough sketch with approximate dimensions to guide me during the turning process.
Sorry, I didn't take any photos while I was turning. I didn't realize I would be entering this into the contest. Here's the finished mill with the top and bottom disassembled. I mortised in the turnplate so it would be easier to center while screwing it in. I think it also looks nicer that way.
Here's the completed mill. It came out pretty close to my sketch.
Another pic but with a white background.

Judges Comments
bob : Nice functional design. Simple. Not earth shaking but nice. Perhaps the base could have been a bit heavier.
Mary : Nice design. Pleasing to look at - would feel nice when you use it.
nick : Very elegant. It looks inviting to use. I like the fact that you designed it on paper first. I am a beliver in planning your work and working your plan.

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