Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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# 405
alberto ornelas
los angeles, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   9.5
  Height:   18
  Depth:   17.5
Materials:   walnut,purple heart,maple,unknown wood (futon sofa)

I constructed this vase mostly because I wanted to see if I combine different techniques and to test
myself constructed out of 1,116 pieces of wood I do believe in recycling materials so most the wood used here was a futon  that was no longer needed.

This was sure fun to put together since I wanted to make sure things align in front as well as inside
there was a lot of trial and error but managed to pull it trough

This is where most of the work took place gluing the main ring assuring every layer align over the previous layer, many evenings spend gluing and sanding and sanding and gluing until it finally came to be.

To ease constuction I pre-assemble the project in three seperate sections then glue two  together
pre-turn that assembly then glue third section on to complete the vase.

Judges Comments
JIm : Although the piece looks OK, I would have liked more photos of the vessel rather that the "how to..." portion.Additionally I would suggest that the banding arounnd the neck be reduces in width to create a more subtle design.
Malcolm : The first thing that I look at when studying a vessel is the shape. This is so close to being really good; unfortunately the long lower curve doesn’t continue to the base. I assume the maker was concerned about stability and decided a bigger diameter base was important. The ring construction around the neck is particularly impressive, but the curve from the shoulder to the rim could be improved. The workmanship is very nice and the overall impression is “wow, that’s a lot of work”.
Mark : I agree with all of Malcom and Jim's comments about the shape. I would have liked the smaller base (not much), and more curve, in a shorter neck. I the the design in the neck is fantastic. However, the delicate design of the neck pattern is out of step with a overly large and less refined main design ring.

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