Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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# 399
Morrie Shoob
San Ramon, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   .5
  Height:   5.25
  Depth:   .5
Materials:   Holly and Blackwood
"El Grande" Pen Kit
Checkerboard Pen
I cut the segments (8 per row) using an Incra sled on my table saw. The rings were made so that there was a .125 inch hole in the center. Once glued up the rings were run through my drum sander in order to have perfectly flat and parallel surfaces. I then glued them up on a wood dowel, mounted the dowel on a collett chuck and drilled the holes per kit instructions using a Jacobs chuck in the tail stock in order to insure a square and centered pen blank. I repeated the process for the nib end.

Once turned, I finished the blanks sanding to 320 and then put on 3 coats of thin CA glue. I then sanded starting at 600 and continued to 12000 micro mesh. The final finish is then applied with a Beal system and Renaissance Wax is applied at the end.

Judges Comments
JIm : Unique, Iv'e never seen a segmented pen.
Malcolm : The small scale of this work demands extreme precision – well done. Did the holly become stained by the blackwood dust? The two woods create a challenge. Very nice pen.
Mark : Obiously well done. The wood contrast is great. I thing the top of the pen might have been better if is was less straight.

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