Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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Larry Lew
Ceres, CO
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   18.5
  Height:   2.25
  Depth:   2.25
Materials:   The vessel was made using black walnut, black oak and maple.  It was finished with lacquer.
The piece is called “The 1307 J State”. The abstract design was inspired by the renovation of an Art Deco theater originally constructed in the 1930s.  The renovation included restoration of the original art deco designs and decorations and local artists and craftsmen completed most of the work.  I created the piece as tribute to them and their work.

The center of the piece (where the hole is located) represents the mouth of the lion head on the back inside wall of the theater through which the movie is projected. Surrounding this element are four panels representing both inside and outside features of the theater that all work together to enhance the move and entertainment experience.

This view provides a close-up of the detail in the design. The pieces of wood were cut out and glued together to form the design. Each segment goes all of the way through so that if you could see the underside of the top it would look just like the face of the top. Grain orientation generally is radial on the top to help minimize the shrinking and expansion potential.  The center portion of the design was constructed independently and then inlaid into the other portion of the top using a taper to make the fit better and provide more gluing surface.

This view shows how the piece rests on a tabletop or shelf in the more conventional manner.  Because of the size it was made shallow enough so that it could be placed on a stand to take up less space.  The first view shows it resting on the stand.
Another feature of the piece is that the top is actually inlaid into the back, which provides a “frame” for the abstract design.  In addition to tapering for the inlay fit there is a shelf turned into the hollowed back that the top rests on. The tapered fit of the inlay and shelf (similar to a rabbit joint) provide more support and glue area that helps stabilize the piece.
The design of the back represents spotlights shining into the air as was done in the past to advertise special movie openings.
I have included a snapshot of the outside of the theater at 1307 J Street in the current renovated condition.     

Judges Comments
JIm : This is dramatic and really catches my eye. I agree that technical consideration need to be addressed and significant cross-grain joints eliminated. I agree that technical consideration need to be addressed and significant cross-grain joints eliminated.
Malcolm : This is very striking and I love the connection with the theater renovation. I did a piece similar to this many years ago and after several years, the excess cross-grain connections could no longer hold together and multiple joint failures occurred. I fear that the same fate awaits this piece. This piece is large (18”) and the length of some of the cross-grain joints is just too long to trust. For the sake of the maker, I hope I’m wrong.
Mark : Stunning pattern. Looks like good construction and finish. Well connected with the theme. The long cross-grain joints are a problem. I hope it holds together.

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