Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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# 385
Greg Tompkins
Newton, KS
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   10
  Height:   16 1/2
  Depth:   16
Materials:   Walnut, Curly Maple, Padauk, Maple Veneer, Ebonized Walnut Veneer

Number of pieces: 833

As I began this project I wanted to utilize a shape that was well proportioned and appropriate for the southwest designs I had chosen for the work.  This form might be best described as a large storage jar.  A storage jar  is a large vessel, generally with a narrow opening, used especially for the storage of dry materials.  Storage jars are usually larger than about 30 centimeters in greatest dimension.

The designs I chose for the feature ring were the feather and arrowhead.  There are many different interpretations for the use of the feather in southwest Indian design.  It is often seen as the universal symbol for flight.  Many times it is also used to depict honesty, truth, majesty, strength and courage.  The use of the arrowhead depicts alertness, movement, direction, force and power.  The orientation of the grain in the curly maple within the feather was an attempt to use the curl as the veins of the feather.  Time will tell if this will cause problems with the integrity of the piece.
The zigzag pattern as a design feature represents the power of lightning.  It is also used at times to represent a mountain range.


View of the bottom zigzag

Before I begin the actual construction of a piece like this storage jar, I construct different prototype pieces of the various designs.  This process allows me to adjust and plan the overall form before beginning the piece.

Finish for this piece is Deft.  I used the Deft from a spray can because of the problems with the padauk staining the adjoining woods.  The finish was worked down between coats with abrasive gray and white 3M pads and 0000 steel wool.

Judges Comments
JIm : Good shape. Traditional style.
Malcolm : This traditional vessel shape is one of my favorites. The colors work very well together. The combination of "arrows" and "feathers" creates an interesting message. I have one small concern about the cross-grain installation of the vertical maple veneers in the main feature ring (I assume the grain is vertical). Also, a few of the zig-zag points don't quite line-up perfectly. Viewers will find any imperfection.
Mark : Good tradional piece. Good use of wood colors. Finish looks good

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