Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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# 384
Walt Nollan
Hanford, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   9.25
  Height:   4
  Depth:   3.5
Materials:   Walnut, Padauk, Lyptus, Holly and Bolivian Rosewood

This bowl is a variation of Malcolm Tibbetts design for his "Segmented Ribbons".  I incorporated the Holly and Rosewood diamonds for a change and to try out a new process.  There are 20 staves with 11 pieces each for 221 pieces in all.  The wall thickness is a consistent 3/16".  The finish is a burnished Deft.

The cone shaped base continues into the bottom of the bowl.  It is more like the crater of a volcano.  

Here is the assembly process of each stave.  The upper and lower sections were glued up in 5" width then temporarily tape together and cut into staves.  The V shaped cut was done in two passes on my table saw using a jig.  The diamonds started out as 5/16" Holly square stock with 1/16" Bolivian Rosewood sides.  I really enjoyed making this piece and is the only piece I have given to myself.

In this picture you can see the tightness of my joints and how the diamonds were incorporated into each stave.  With the exception of the Rosewood sides of the diamonds, all grain direction is the same.

Judges Comments
JIm : Too ulky loooking. I feel it needs more curvature.
Malcolm : With this type of the stave construction, the shape is restricted, but I like the slight curve of the shape. The joinery appears very well done and the choice of colors works quite well. I have a minor concern regarding the alignment of the end-grain seams at each diamond; in order to align the diamonds, there is a continuous end-grain seam running around the entire vessel. Offsetting these seams would have produced a zig-zag pattern of diamonds, but it would have also resulted in overlaps of the end-grain joints. I understand the need for a foot, but it might look better if it were just a bit shorter (smaller). Nice job.
Mark : This one is well executed, the colors are great, design elements are well done. This one would be much better without the base.

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