Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
Entry Details

# 383
Robin Costelle
Louisville, KY
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   14
  Height:   21
  Depth:   14
Materials:   Cherry, Bloodwood, Curly and Ambrosia Maple, Yellowheart, and Walnut
                                                           "The Gift"
The concept came to me at church-(I wasn't daydreaming or anything). The title has three meanings:1) the reference to God's greatest gift-Jesus, b) the gift that God gave to me-the desire and means to do this kind of thing, and 3) the gift of this piece, which will be sold and the money sent to Christian mission charities.

This image shows Good Friday and Easter Morning with Jesus' spirit rising up in Yellowheart toward Easter Morning Sunrise. The ambrosia maple looked good for the Good Friday sky.

This is the crown of thorns.Curly Maple and Walnut.

Drops of blood(bloodwood) coming down from the crown of thorns.

I made the base concave with the cross in the middle.

Judges Comments
JIm : Great work with a theme. Well implemented.
Malcolm : This piece has everything - a very pleasing shape, perfect joinery, and a story to contemplate. Segmented turning can be much more than an assembly of pretty little pieces of wood. The maker of this piece has broken out of the normal boundaries of woodturning. He has created a true piece of art. A lot of thought and effort went into this finely crafted vessel. If I could own just one entry in this contest, it would be this one.
Mark : Very well done in all respects. This shape is hard to do well, this one is very well done.

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