Segmented Turnings
September 24, 2006
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# 379
Eric Clur
Cape Town, **
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   11.5
  Height:   5.5
  Depth:   4.5
Materials:   Stinkwood,Brazilian Imbuia, African Blackwood,Jackaranda, Sycamore, Maple, Brazilian Teak.

The Bowl is made from 400 seperate pieces of wood as listed. The bowl consists of eight seperate "Compass Rose " side panels plus a single larger "Compass Rose" in the base of the inside of the Bowl.

Side View

Base of Bowl

Inside of Bowl

Side view of Bowl

Base giving Bowl Details

Judges Comments
JIm : Base segments are not symetrical. Pattern is interesting and apparently well implemented. Base is nice concept.
Malcolm : Nice job with the Compass Rose patterns. I think a better shape could have been achieved (the sides are just a little to straight). Perhaps, several smaller rings could have been used below the feature ring, instead of the single large ring. Then a single matching ring of the same wood above the feature ring would tie it all together. As it is, it gives the impression of a nice feature ring sitting on top of a shallow bowl; the two don’t seem to tie together.
Mark : Compass Rose pattern is done to good effect. Jointery - good. Alignment of segments looks good. Shape could be better, the sides get a little straight at the design ring. The whole effect of the flat sides and shallow curve top and bottom makes it feel heavy/box-like. This bowl in a Calabash shape would be great. The recessed bottom with the data sheet inset is good. The stick on felt pads on the bottom are very out of date - this technique used to be used to cover screw holes from the faceplate.

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