Turning: "Decorated Vessels"
April 21, 2006
Entry Details

# 370
Bob Elliott
Casselberry, FL
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   5 1/4&
  Height:   4"
  Depth:   5 1/4&
Materials:   camphor

Southwest style hollow form. Texture created off the lathe with a Dremel engraver. MinWax Wipe-On Poly finish.

Texture has a similar appearance to a close view of skin. This piece is titled Tegumentum, from the Latin word: tegument, a cover or covering, an integument, especially the covering of a living body or some part or organ of a such a body, skin, hide.

The vessel has a rounded bottom with no flat spot. Southwest forms were frequently created without a flat area and the pots were placed either in the crotch of a tree or in a shallow depression on the ground.

Judges Comments
Clay : The curves are well executed, but the overall shape would be improved if the major diameter were higher on the vessel, rather than evenly dividing the body. A litle restraint with the texturing would have been better. Too much of one kind of surface treatment diminishes its impact.
Jacques : nice use of a subtle texture and good form as well. Would be neat to see what it looks like painted????
John : Nice surface, nice piece. Maybe a little "too" southwest, although I know that was the intent.

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