Turning: "Decorated Vessels"
April 21, 2006
Entry Details

# 368
Chelsea Deakins
Fort Worth, TX
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   6"
  Height:   18"
  Depth:   6"
Materials:   Birch, Maple and acrylic paint

This piece contains three turned elements.
After turning the wood on the lathe I used a rotary carver, a wood burner and a paint brush.     
A physical body as a container.
A life force pulsing from within.
An inner migration. A journey.
A search for grace.
A dream for Myth.
A heart full of hope.
A desire to soar.
Detail of Dove (inside)
Detail of Dove (outside)
Detail of face

Judges Comments
Clay : The face has powerful emotion and personality. Sometimes less is more. Simplifying the body and what it contains might make for a stronger presentation.
Jacques : Nice sculptural presence!..... not sure it needs turned components though.... More volume in lower form would frame the importance of the inner statement better as well... Leaves my wanting to see the next one!..... interesting
John : I honestly don't know what to make of the piece, but there's something about it that appeals to me. I would be interested to see if you pursue this. Political/social commentary is tough.

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