Turning: "Decorated Vessels"
April 21, 2006
Entry Details

# 367
Jennifer Shirley
Indianapolis, IN
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   9.25
  Height:   6
  Depth:   9.25
Materials:   This vessel was made from cherry. Turned then hollowed with Don Pencil armbrace with John Jordan tool. I also used a pyrograohy tool with an assortment of store bought and hand made pen tips. For the texture between the Paisley designs I used a Dremel engraver with a rounded over tip. The black rim is colored with gesso.

This vessel is made from cherry. It's title is "A Passion for Paisley". It is 9.25" in diameter and 6" tall. The opening is 5". The paisley designs were drawn in pencil and then burned with a variety of store bought and home made burning tips.

The black rim is colored with artists gesso. The lightly textured effect between  the paisley's was done with a rounded over tip held in a Dremel engraver.

Each paisley is different in both features and size. I've always been fond of paisley and after taking a Graeme Priddle class this summer have been encouraged to look closer at things that are right under my nose that may inspire a reaction in my work. Well as funny as it may sound, the inspiration for this piece came from a pair of jeans hanging in my closet that I never wear. The pattern in the jeans repeated over and over and I decided to do some exploring on my own with a sketch book and some designs of my own. What you see here is the result.  

More of the paisley designs up close. I've been experimenting more and more with my burner and hope to make it a frequent part of my work. The more I use it the easier it gets but I've learned that there is a learning curve to cutting sharp curves and making things crisp.

This is the bottom of the vessel showing the minimal foot and more of the variety of paisley designs. The finish I used on this was just 3 wipe on coats of Watco Danish oil then buffed lightly with a soft cotton cloth.

Judges Comments
Clay : An alluring vessel shape, with seductive curves. The black rim is a well integrated cap to the black designs. A few paisley designs repeated might appear more organised than the sampler of paisleys.
Jacques : Fun, fun, fun..... good form.....
John : DUDE! You've got paisley jeans? I like this piece-I think it is in the spirit of the contest. Maybe a little less on the width of the lip? -a little less dramatic.

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