Turning: "Decorated Vessels"
April 21, 2006
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# 358
Robert Martin
Picture Butte, AB
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   4
  Height:   6
  Depth:   5-1/4
Materials:   Cherry and Black Walnut finished with Minwax Wipe On Poly.

This hollow form is titled "Wild Rose" after the beautiful and fragrant flowers that grow wild in our area.  Walnut and Cherry were chosen because they compliment each other so well in colour, grain, and density.  They also take a finish in a similar way with the cherry being the more challenging of the two.

This view shows how tiny this piece really is.  To do the burning and piercing, a magnifier was worn.  After the pyrography, several applications of finish were applied inside and out followed by buffing.  The piercing was done after the buffing to prevent the buffing wheel from catching on the many delicate edges.   Finishing was then applied to the cutouts.

Looking from the top, one can see where the Walnut ends and the Cherry starts, and that the wall thickness is about 1/8".  The cutouts were bevelled on the inside to produce a look of lightness.  This way the vessel looks like one that has 1/16" wall thickness, but is considerably stronger.

Using a blank stacked from three discs similar to the one shown is where it all began.  Having only planks to work with often requires hollow form blanks to be made of stacked discs.  Even though care is taken to match the grain, the laminations still have to be covered or obscured by embellishments.

Judges Comments
Clay : Nice curves and proportions. The negative spaces of the piercing make sense, instead of just being random holes poked in wood. A very pleasing composition of the flowers.
Jacques : excellent woodburned motif... would like to have seen it continue down the form.
John : nice carving on a shapely piece. I'm not sure that mixing the two woods adds anything to the piece, at least viewing the photos.

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