Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
Entry Details

# 334
Chris Kuehn
Fallston, MD
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   10 3/8&
  Height:   1 3/4&
  Depth:   1 3/4&
Materials:   Tiger Silver Maple, with ambrosia streaks.

This piece of silver maple was cut from a quartered trunk that I found in a tree surgeons dump pile.  I could not believe the figure in this free wood. The piece was cut April 8 2005 and was fortunate that I snapped a picture of the blank with my cell phone (please excuse the poor quality photo).  The piece was rough turned in mid April 2005 then seasoned until January 2006. The requirements for the contest made this a perfect piece for my entry.   

I wanted to pop the figure as much as possible so I chose a shallow bowl/platter with an ogee shape to show it off as much as possible.  The blank was cut out of the best portion of the slab but not necessarily the biggest bowl it could have been from the entire blank.  The wide flat rim gives a nice section for the grain to pop with the light. I added the rim detail where the bowl portion meets the wide rim to “frame” the bowl portion and add interest.  The natural ambrosia marks bring other non grain interest to the piece that I thank Mother Nature for. I named the piece "apostrophe" because these marks reminded me of that punctuation mark.  

I vacuum chuck my bowls to finish the bottoms.  I have developed a signature bottom design that I have added to this piece.  The detail is a nice surprise to the people that are interested enough to pick up the piece, feel it, and turn it over.  This detail is otherwise not seen but when found stands out and certainly shows that the extra step was taken to “finish” the bowl.  
Taking the pictures to best show off the chatonaynce of the figure was a real challenge and several people on WC helped with ideas to capture it, I would like to thank them all.    The finished Piece is 10 3/8” in diameter by 1 ¾” tall.   

Judges Comments
Betty : I'm always so pleased when someone enters a bowl such as this in a contest or show! It's a lovely piece! Excellent use of a beautiful chunk of wood. The three strikes of color on the side/rim ended up being well placed. Your form and craftsmanship are excellent. I like that you've shown a picture of the bottom of the bowl--nice detail.
Herb : Good use of the piece of wood. Spalting accents the bowl nicely. Nice craftmenship.
Joe : well done shape for the special wood

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