Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
Entry Details

# 333
Mark Kauder
Phenix City, AL
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   5" &a
  Height:   3" &a
  Depth:   5" &a
Materials:   Paduak, Maple, Cocobolo, Maple Veneer, and Dyed Black Veneer.  Nitro-Celulose Lacquer Finish
Maple  46x2.2x1
Cocobolo 22x.6x1.55
Paduak 36x3.875x.875
Blk Veneer  12x9x.05   & 20x4x.05
Mpl Veneer 11x11x.05
Tall Boy and Fat Boy   These two shapes are fairly common for me.  I love the Southwestern shape, with a simple center/design ring. The shape and finish are foremost - the design ring must not detract from that.  About 90% of my bowls are finished with instrument quality NC Lacquer, and polished to a glass like finish.  I feel that I can get by with the high gloss finish because the average non-woodturner customer does not really see these as wood, initially, and visually place them in the same mental catagory as Glass or Ceramic.
This is the wood I started with.  HOWEVER - the picture shows a piece of Ebony - but during the construction, I substituted piece of Cocobolo the same size. I have been using alot of Ebony and Blackwood lately, and decided to try something different.
Wide Boy - This is a very typical Southwestern Indian form.  Most of the original pottery pieces were made with round bottoms.  This one has a small 1" flat spot on the bottom.
Tall Boy.  This is my favorite shape.  I use it often.  I typically make the with a small foot that makes it feel lighter.
Top detail view of Tall boy.

Judges Comments
Betty : Lovely little pieces! Great combination of woods. Good craftsmanship. Your photographs are excellent.
Herb : I think the two pieces would show well together. Very nice color combinations.
Joe : fine shapes and craftsmanship

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