Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
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Marsh Pronneke
Ponca City, OK
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   4 3/8
  Height:   11
  Depth:   4 3/8
Materials:   Spalted Hackberry  4.5 x 10"
Cocobolo                1.5 x 3.75
Maple                      2 x 3 x 8
This container was turned from a downed Hackberry  tree off my property, from the aftermath of  a storm 4 or 5 years ago.  I had left some of the trunk near the shop and after about 8 months time came up with some great spalting.   I cut some blanks out of what was salvageable, most had gone to far to be used.   
With a 4.5" blank cut out  I  roughed out the blank to 4 3/8 OD .  Then determed my proportions and made my parting cut,  hollowed out the container with a hook tool I built  15 years ago and rarely used back then. Took the wall thickness down to 3/16" and made a ledge 3/8 below the top edge of the bottom section.  Once the container was turned I made the finial from Cocobolo and  attached it to the lid and final turned it.
Just the container would not add up to 288cu in, so this requires more wood. Inside the container, a round knob sits in the center for removel of the stand that is also made of spalted hackberry.  But what are those 4 things sitting around the knob?  they look like 4 very small platters or shallow bowls.

Now with the stand removed it looks more like bells hanging from a stand, but I don't hear any ringing.
This is my take on a Portable Challis Holder,  The goblets are 3.5 " tall and  1.25" diameter with a 1/16" wall thickness.  They hang from the stand in small countersunk holes at the end of the slots.  This acts as a detent  to keep them from sliding out while removing the stand.

I had this idea about 15 years ago and made a small one out of a 2x6x6 chunk of hard maple.  A complete differnt design but the same idea.  

Judges Comments
Betty : What a nice surprise inside! I like the simple design of the container. You've made excellent use of a beautiful piece of wood. (Don't you just love spalted hackberry!!) The addition of the cocobolo finial is sweet and goes well with the spalted wood. Good craftsmanship. You are consistent with your design--clean forms.
Herb : Inclosing minatures within a turned box is unique. Good use of different wood for accent
Joe : Nicely shaped box with a fine surprise inside. Well done design and excellent craftsmanship. I especially liked the creativity of the design

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