Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
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# 331
Glenn Marceil
Winston Salem, NC
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   7
  Height:   18
  Depth:   7
Materials:   Purpleheart-Base 14x2x4.5 inches
                 -Neck  2x2.25x10 inches
                 -Laminations for Neck #3- .25x3.25x9 inches
                 -Spacers for stopper #6- .125x2.625x1.1875 inches
      Holly    -Spacers in Base #12- .1875x2.125x4.75 inches
                 -Laminations for Neck #3- .25x2.75x9 inches
                 -Stopper  4.5x2.5x1 inches
      Wenge -Bottom  10x2.5x.75 inches
                 -Base top 4.25x4.25x.5 inches
                 -Collar on Neck 6.75x.875x.5 inches
       Ebony -Tip of stopper   1/2" dowel 1.5" long
                    Grand Total 271 cubic inches
                                                           ROYAL GENIE BOTTLE
Although I am primarily a segmented turner, I also like ornamental turning. The problem is that it is hard to combine the two without one interfering with the other. The Genie bottle design allows me to do this. The project is really 3 separate projects combined: base,neck and stopper. The woods are Purpleheart, Holly, Wenge and Ebony. It is finished with a water based semi-gloss varnish to maintain the white of the Holly.
Woods Used - Purpleheart
                      Ebony for tip
This picture shows the base during early stage of turning. The bottom is a 12 segment wenge ring, the body is made of 12 purpleheart wedges with holly spacers capped by a 1/2 inch piece of wenge.
This picture shows the lamination of the neck.(You might be surprised to know it was the most difficult part.) I wanted the holly to show under the purpleheart where the flutes are cut. To do that I made a 6 sided taper- glued on 1/4" holly, trimed and covered that with purpleheart. The collar on the finished neck was made from a 6 sided wenge ring. A 7/8" hole is drilled all the way thru the neck to the base. The round tenon on the bottom is glued into a hole in the top of the base.
This detail shows the stopper & neck. If you look close around the opening you can see holly, a little purpleheart then the wenge ring (the central purpleheart was drilled out).Further down the neck you can see the flutes expossing the holly underneath.

Judges Comments
Betty : Well conceived and executed piece! You have successfully combined ornamental turning with regular turning. Great craftsmanship! Good choice of woods.
Herb : The Genie Bottle combines a pleasing design complemented by different colored woods to achieve a look that catches the eye. The quality of the turning and photography make this entry a contender.
Joe : I liked the complexity of this piece. The segmentation actually adds to this piece, especially in the neck. I'd rate it high on excellence in craftsmanship

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