Turning: Two Board Feet
November 18, 2005
Entry Details

# 324
Sterling Sanders
Sandpoint, ID
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   7.75
  Height:   6.0
  Depth:   7.75
Materials:   Apricot Wood

The piece was conceived after looking at the book Art Forms in Nature. The design is similar to a type of marine protozoa. The wood was oriented with the sap wood at the top of the piece, making the antenna lighter in color. The piece was hollowed from the bottom using a home-made cement nail tool. After being pierced, all sharp edges were rounded to give a more organic look. The wings were sculpted in waves to simulate motion. Danish oil was used to give a satin natural look.

Judges Comments
Betty : Rarely would I let someone use one of my favorite pieces of wood, but in this case, I might consider giving up a chunk! Excellent use of a beautiful piece of wood. You have achieved your goal of an organic form. Great craftsmanship, good design, and wonderful execution.
Herb : You have accomplished your goal of a flowing piece thinly turned and carved. The photography is excelent. You have taken advantage of a special piece of wood and made good use of it.
Joe : Nicely creative shape and design. Fine use of the wood.

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