Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
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# 284
Jerry Cousins
Weaverville, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   54
  Height:   18.25
  Depth:   21
Materials:   legs and frame - peruvian walnut
center panel - quilted cherry veneer
flower medallion - outside frame - peruvian walnut
    background - holly
    lower - satinwood and yew.
banding inlay - cherry & holly

This coffee table was constructed for a formal setting. The frame and cabriole legs are peruvian walnut - mortise and tenon joinery. The center panel is home-cut veneer of quilted cherry - glued to an mdf substrate.

The finish is 6 coats of padded shellac, 3 of sprayed lacquer, polished, and then 2 buffed coats of wax.

The walnut surround around the panel is solid wood - using biscuit joinery into the veneered panel.
The inlay banding is a homemade sandwich of cherry and holly.

Close up of the corner.

Closeup of the center medallion. The marquetry was done using the double bevel cutting techinque. Although the inlay of the entire piece into the cherry background was done with a router jig - as was the walnut accent around the holly.

Flower center detail. Not as sharp as I would have liked, but you can see the number of pieces pretty well.

Judges Comments
AR : This table has a very gentle feel to it, and is understated in a beautiful manner. The marquetry is very nice, especially the flower, which is full of energy. I like your color choice of woods for all the parts of the table. The legs are bit stiff and would flow better with the top if the curve ran right up to the top corners of the table.
CS : Very nice. Excellent workmanship, wood selection and understated lines.
GR : A lovely piece. Perhaps the legs are a little plain, perhaps the medallion could have had a more pronounced oval. These are small things. A very beautiful piece. I think the photos do not do it justice, regrettably.
LG : The marquetry is lovely and very well done. Your choice of woods is very good. Over time as the cherry darkens the contrast will lessen between the walnut and the cherry but the medallion and stringing will always be bold. Your efforts were consumed by the top and a bit more attention to the base would have been good. Nonetheless, this is a very beautiful table.
RJ : What a pretty top with lovely marquetry and stringing-- georgous. The walnut is a nice rich brown and sets off the marquetry very well. The legs are a little stiff and perhaps would have benefited from more flowing lines that could have been won out of slightly thicker stock.

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