Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
Entry Details

# 267
Dean Vande Griend
Ames, IA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   48
  Height:   16
  Depth:   24
Materials:   Maple

I wanted to show the idea of the table being deleted.  For the top, legs, and aprons I cut 1" strips of maple and glued them together leaving spaces.  To create depth I then sandwiched two 1/2" thick pieces together leaving holes.  Only half of the table is effected this way to maintain some functionality to the piece.

A detail of the leg and top of the deleted end.  I connected the aprons to the legs with floating tenons, and scewed the top on through sloted holes.  I used a waterbased spray polyurethane for the finish.

Judges Comments
AR : Structurally, a very successfull piece. As a design concept, it's engaging and very well executed. Functionally, I see problems in the daily use of such a table, what with cleaning and all. Somehow this piece belongs in a kid's room... as well as in an art show. Well done.
CS : A nice studio piece -- clever and playful. I hope that you are careful drinkers.
GR : Some of my days feel like this table looks. What a cool idea. It's got a digital feel to it too. Perfect for an on-line contest.
LG : Great idea! You pulled it off quite well. Very high marks for creativity. The functional nature of this table is compromised a bit because a spilled drink will require a toothbrush and considerable time for cleanup. The legs are a bit heavy for the form but I love the concept of this piece.
RJ : Unusual design inspiration. Quirky, individual and made me smile. This gets high marks for originality. Cleanliness in use could be a problem with all those dust/dirt traps. The construction looks neat and efficient. I suspect the legs could have been made slightly lighter and the piece would still work visually.

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