Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
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# 253
Joseph Brennan
Cornelius, NC
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   22
  Height:   17
  Depth:   52
Materials:   Dolphins and base cap -Cherry
Top- Glass
Base- MDF covered with Copper sheet

123 Ocean View

I could have swam across an ocean in the time it took to make this family of Dolphins...

Working during the day at a design firm and nights as a musician left a few hours every
day or night for one of my passions...

The Fathers tail fin has Stainless Steel rods internally.

Some say I should have been a surgeon. Sometimes I wish I went to school for that instead of my Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering degrees. Surgeons make more money for the same amount of time and energy...

Carving these beauties out of cherry might not have been so bad if I could have used a mallet... I made this table in my third floor apartment.  So out of respect for my neighbor "Robin" below me, I sharpened my chisels and pushed by hand one stroke at a time.

  I saved the chips, guess how many?

The base....
  Blood, sweat, and a ball peen hammer.

I would take a sick day every now and then, wait for my neighbors to go to work, then POUND for twenty minutes at a time. What a forearm work out... Notice the ear protection... Well, one of my neighbors beside me "Brian" who was also playing hooky from work, waited patiently for the pounding to stop and knocked on my door... He insisted on a photo to prove my love or insanity for creating one of a kind art furniture. For the record it was very loud. I Thank God for everything he has given me, especially cool neighbors!


Judges Comments
AR : Great story. And a nice piece to boot. I really like the concept of the copper-laid base, but am not convinced you pulled it off successfully. It feels somewhat monolithic, not fluid as it should, considering it in some way intends to mimic water. The carving is great!
CS : More sculpture than structure. But a nice piece for a vacation home (or a vacation-minded person).
LG : Very nice work. It's clear you need a workshop where you can make all the noise you need to to make your ideas come to life. The copper is a nice touch.
RJ : This is a charming piece. Humans seem to feel great affinity with dolphins, and you appear to have managed to capture their shape and movement well. You really, really could do with moving to a ground floor home-- preferably with a garage. I hope your boss isn't a user of this forum, ha, ha.

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