Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
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# 199
Henry Lahneman Jr
Coopersburg, PA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   15
  Height:   36
  Depth:   16 1/4
Materials:   The wood is poplar.  It was salvaged from old church pews that were new in 1868.
Photo of Antique Magazine page. Table is 17th Century sculpture table.  I had just finished a grandfather clock made with spiral corners and thought this table would make an interesting project.  I lowered the height to match coffee table size.

What I made is a 17th Century table made out of 19th Century wood.  

The wrought iron work was done by Dave Fisher of Fisher Forge from Hamburg PA.

Judges Comments
AR : Beautiful example of good form, which can be attributed to the original as well. As such, I can't give high marks for originality or uniqueness. However, the workmanship looks first-rate, and I really like the collaborative story of how you worked with a metalworker to get the job done. Sturdy, especially with the metal bracing bolted through the lower rails, comfortable-looking piece that I'd be happy to live with in my home for awhile.
CS : Did you keep the top size the same when you lowered the height? I think perserving the original proportions would have been best (though there would have been less room for coffee). Excellent work.
GR : Impressive work even though it's a copy. I prefer the taller version however with this much detail afoot. Congratulations on maintaining a tradition of carved vernacular work and using the aged wood to match.
LG : Nice work. The carving and spiral work add visual interest and the iron was done well. It's a nice story about the salvaged wood.
RJ : This is a very neatly executed variation of an original with attractive proportions. High marks go here for technical ability but it does lose out somewhat because it is essentially a copy. A nice story accompanies the piece concerning the source of the material and the iron work.

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