Lee Valley Coffee Tables
November 1, 2005
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Daniel Driscoll
Colorado Springs, CO
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   45 5/8
  Height:   20 1/8
  Depth:   24 9/16
Materials:   Walnut, Ebony, Granite, Walnut Stain and Oil finish
This coffee table is one of five pieces, I am making for my living room. I designed it in the Greene and Greene style. I obtained inspiration for this piece, directly from original G&G furniture styles, magazine articles, as well as my own interpertation as to how I wanted this piece to look. The design for this table was done on a cad, my first atempt  to use software to design a piece of furniture.
The Greene and Greene brothers, where architects and furniture designers in the first quarter, of the 20th century. The beauty of there design,s are in the details. Through well designed details, they combined the flowing organic curves found in Chinese furniture with the hard-edged lines and pronounced joints of the Arts and Crafts style.
The joinery used on this piece are mortise and tenon, stretcher and wedge as well as protruding slip joints.
The table was stained with a walnut stain, to even out the wood colors and then finished  with 4 coats of a oil finish.

This photo shows the front view, of the table with emphasis, on the details in the top. The top has 3 inch wide stiles and rails, all edges are rounded over. The stiles and rails have a rounded edge, where the flush-fitting joints meet, creating a reveal and shadow lines that catch the eye. Three pronounced 5/16 square ebony pins are diagonally positioned, at each corner slip joint,they are not thru mortised, but only cut 3/8 inch deep, for a purely decorative look. Centered along the the styles and rails, are two ebony pins with a ebony  1 3/8 inch long diamond between them. Each ebony pin and diamond protrude slightly and are rounded over. The top is 1 1/8 inch thick.
There are two dark green 18 inch square granite tiles inserted flush with the wood top. The granite provides beauty and texture, as well as practicality, for drinks and plants. The granite or marble tops are in keeping with original G&G designs.


This photo shows the top corner detail. Each corner has a rounded over extended end, on the style and rail, wich accentuate, a ordinary slip joint. It also shows the detail of where the aprons meet the leg  and the ebony pin detail. Each pin is 5/6 inch square and mortised 3/8 inch deep. They protrude slightly and are rounded over. These pins are for a purely decorative look.
This photo shows a close-up view of the ebony top pin and diamond detail. The pins are 5/16 square, protrude slightly and are rounded over. The ebony diamond is 1 3/8 long, protrude slightly and are rounded over.

This photo shows the detail of the center stretcher and wedge that secure the bottom of the coffee table. The main reason I used this joint, other then its beauty, was so that when people, where seated on the couch, there feet, would not bump into the table.
It also shows details of the left stretcher. The main features of which, show the curved cuts and thru routed cut-outs. These curves and routed cut-outs appear throuout the coffee table.

Judges Comments
AR : Shows a high degree of control in the execution of this piece. I imagine the finish is buttery soft and begs to be touched.
CS : Kudos for the attention to detail. I think you could have dialed back a bit on the diamond inlay on the top. (You're making the rest of us look bad).
LG : Your workmanship appears quite good. You've put in plenty of details and overall this is a very nice coffee table.
RJ : This is an attractive piece in the Arts and Crafts style with attention to detail and neatly executed joinery and profiling. The colour of the granite works well with the wood which, from what I see on my monitor, I didn't recognise as walnut.

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