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March 9, 2012
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# 963
Bill Donahue
Pensacola, FL
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2 3/4
  Height:   8 7/8
  Depth:   2 3/4
Materials:   Sea urchin shells, one 2 3/4" wide and the other 1 1/8" wide.  The finials and top are made of maple and were finished with silver rub n' buff for a metallic look.  
An ornament using two sea urchin shells finished with red analine dye and a silver rub n' buff on the tips and vertical lines in the shells to accentuate the texture of the shells.  Silver rub n' buff was also used on the finials to present a bright metallic look to stand out against the green of the Christmas tree.  It was designed so the the inverted tear drop shape on the bottom of the finial could be seen in the outline of the entire ornament.  A 3/16" dowel connects the five pieces and a shoulder and plug is used as in the article "Creating Shell Ornaaments" by Kurt Hertzog.     
Beads dyed red were place at the top of the hanger and the bottom of the finial to repeat the pattern of the shells.
The top shows a subtle "silver bell" above the red bead, inspired by my favorite Christmas song.  The silver rub n' buff on the vertical lines of the shell help show off its' texture.
The bottom of the finial repeats the pattern of the shells with a red bead above the inverted tear drop pattern.
A slightly diferent view of the entire ornament.

Judges Comments
CD : Nice use of color, and texture with the 2 sea urchins in the ornament. Finial details could be more graceful. The finials are a bit overpowering, and their details are not as smooth or crisp as they could be.
DS :  The double sea urchin are really executed very nicely. The color contrast carries through. The tip of the icicle has horizontal rings that do not flow with the rest of the ornament. Over all nice concept and well designed.
KH : I think the idea is cool but I think it was overdone. Far too much going on and that made the finial too long for the globe. Lower could be simplified and still had the repetitive idea working.

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