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March 9, 2012
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# 957
Frank White
West Brookfield, MA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2 1/4&
  Height:   7 5/8&
  Depth:   2 1/4&
Materials:   cherry & holly

Overall view.  The body of the ornament is a cherry, flattened sphere with a holly cap and finial on top and a long stem below descending with 3 slender graduated conical elements to a short conical tip.  The intent was to create a graceful ornament with strongly contrasting woods and components in proper proportion to each other.  

Detail of body.  The cherry body is divided into 8 vertical panels by small carved grooves.  A horizontal medial groove separates the panels into upper and lower sections which are textured in flowing drapery effect.  The texturing of the upper sections flows down and that of the lower sections flows upward.  The intersections of the horizontal and vertical grooves are set off by untextured rhombuses that are marked by the intersecting vertical and horizontal grooves.  The texturing was achieved with a rotary tool and a small diamond wheel in a curved pattern that descends in the upper half and ascends in the lower.  The diamond wheel lightly burned and darkened the wood as it cut the grooves.  The rhombuses were outlined with a fine woodburning tip for additional accent.

Detail of stem.  The major decorative elements of the stem are slightly graduated in descending order to increase the sense of lightness of the ornament.  The holly stem and cap are joined to the body with a round tenon and glued in place.  They are finished with Myland’s Friction Polish and an application of Myland’s Wax Polish; the textured body is finished with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish and a coat of Myland’s wax.  

Judges Comments
CD : Excellent, unique globe design. Good length proportions between globe and finials. Caps could have been smaller to set globe off better (at least the bottom one). As is, they draw too much attention away from the globe. Bottom finial would be more effective if it graduated in thickness as well in length of teardrop elements.
DS :  The finial and icicle mating surfaces over power the globe. The finial shape should flow and graduate from the globe shape. The globe texture has been done very nicely.
KH : Very nice globe. The upper finial could be less thick and follow the globe contour a bit better. Lower finial follows the globe contour better than the upper. However the finial shape is not as delicate or flowing shaped as needed to fit well with the globe.

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