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March 9, 2012
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Larry Wolfe
Buckeye, AZ
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   1.75
  Height:   6.25
  Depth:   1.75
Materials:   Box Elder Burl-African Sumac
The ornament blank is first glued to a waste block where it is then drilled through with a 3/8 in. bit. I then bring the ornament to round and rough out the shape to close to finished size/shape.I like my final large diameter to be 5/8 in.,so i next use a 5/8 forstner style bit to drill just about 1/8 deep to clear the bottom of the block and prevent damage to the bottom of the ornament when hollowing. I then proceed to hollow the ornament useing a Kelton, slight bend 5/16 tool to a wall thickness of 1/8 to 3/16 to within 1/2 in. of the top, makeing sure to leave enough material to part off the ornament. After parting off, i reverse the ornament and mount it on a jamb chuck and bring up the tail stock with a cone center to center and hold the ornament where i finish turn, sand, and apply first a thinned coat of blond shellack followed by a coat of friction polish, and finally buff with tripoli and carnuba wax.
My next step is to mount a piece of material the same type as the ornament body.I cut a piece 1/2 x 1/2 x 1.75 in. long. the finished tip is about 1.25 in. long, so this gives me ample material for chucking. After bring the tip to round and about 3/8 dia., i center drill a hole 1/8 in. dia. about 5/16-3/8 deep. The shoulder is slightly back cut to prevent interference with the mateing final end.
The tip is removed from the lathe and the finial body is mounted. After roughing out the finial. i turn a 1/8" dia. tennon about 5/16 long. I caliper the bit to assure the correct dia. This shoulder is also slightly back cut. I then use C.A. glue to fasten the parts and finish the piece. The finial is finished the same as the body and then glued to the ornament. After it is dry, i buff the entire piece.

Judges Comments
CD : Very nice design, complimentary woods, pleasing curves. Nice outline except for that bottom finial tip. It would be more effective if it were shorter. As is, that tip draws more than its share of attention.
DS :  The top finial should conform more to the shape of the globe. The icicle tip could be shorter and the whole icicle thinner. Still a nice ornament.
KH : A simple shape and color scheme that works well. Pleasing to the eye and delicate. I think the lower tip of the lower finial could be improved by shortening that piece by 75%. Keep the idea but I think it is far too long. The color and concept might be more attractive being much shorter and shaped as a tear drop.

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