Turned Ornaments
March 9, 2012
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# 946
chris goethe
Housatonic, MA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   1
  Height:   4
  Depth:   1
Materials:   Body is Holly
Gold tips are from craft supplies
shellawax Friction polish
Liberon Neutral paste wax

This ornament is turned on a standard pen turners Mandrel. I start with a drawing and use poplar blocks to work out my ideas.

It's always a learning process to see which shapes and sizes work together. When I'm satisfied with my design I switch to Holly blocks. It turns beautifully and stands out nicely on a Christmas tree.

I use miniature turning tools for the detail work, mostly a small Skew And Gouge. I've also made some micro tools from old turning tools.

I've made a different ornament every year for the past 10 years, for my family and friends, I usually start late in the summer and continue working up to a day or two before Christmas, last year I made 30 ornaments. In years past I've made as many as 42. I always enjoy giving something I've made to my friends and family.

Judges Comments
CD : Elegant, crisp details, very well made. If the largest diameter element (the focal point) were either above or below center, this would be a more successful design.
DS :  A very simple ornament, but it pocesses some of the best turning of the contest.
KH : Very simple design yet visually pleasing. Turning workmanship is excellent.

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